Pure zinc EP – One means of organic zinc cold with a high content of pure larly and based on the high content of epoxy resin. The product with high anticorrosive effect resulting only from the high content of metallic zinc, but also the expansion of the binder and inorganic pigments having excellent resistance to corrosion of metals. Creates a matte gray film that can be painted or unpainted leave as a final protection. We also supply liquid version, which can be used with a brush or gun and can be thinned epoxy or polyurethane solvent.

sprej  400 ml – 400/2980 light (EAN: 8595642501852)

sprej   400 ml – 400/2890 dark (EAN: 8595642501845)     plechovka   1 l – 01L/2890 dark     plechovka   4 l – 04L/2890 dark