Our company specializes in the distribution of PRO-TECH spray s.r.o. sale wholesale or retail of professional chemicals, DIY and in the most varied sectors.

Our products range from the PRO-TECH spray s.r.o. is located in hardware, industrial supplies, paints and painting, construction, automobiles, bicycles and spare parts factories and automobile, motorcycles, bicycles, electronics and DIY accessories, as well as in other market sectors. And importinghow exclusive of different global brands, enriching our offer with a wide range of other products. Thanks to the direct contact with enterprises of production in Italy, able to satisfy the more different needs of increasingly more demanding market, quality and service. The company manufactures most of its products, paying special attention to the quality and ecology. To meet our current and future customers, we offer a wide range of manufacturing our products with their brand labels, creating her own line. Through our internal research and development laboratory, which deals with the composition and verification of different formulations, we guarantee full cooperation and commitment of the technical and commercial staff in the study of new products, creations of custom lines, specialized technical advice and after sales service.