Antioxidant Acrylic Enamel-based micaceous iron oxide, of high coverage, which gives the surface an effect “old forkado. Noncorrosive free lead or chromium. Drying: 20ºC to touch, minute minimo 30/40. Completed 12:00 am). The product is designed to remain unchanged in time and retains a strong resistance to the aggressive action of atmospheric agents and corrosion. Suitable for protection and finishing of railings, doors, carpentry, piping, etc.

sprej   400 ml     plechovka   750 ml     plech   2,5 l

400/1991 SILVER EAN: 8595642501661
400/1992 LIGHT GREY EAN: 8595642501678
400/1993 DARK GREY EAN: 8595642501685
400/1994 ANTHRACITE GREY EAN: 8595642501692
400/1995 GRAPHITE  BLACK EAN: 8595642501708
400/1996 ANCIENT  BLACK EAN: 8595642501715

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