High temperature paint – High quality enamel based on modified silicone resins, is heat resistant up to 600°C. Ideal for painting of stoves, ovens, fireplaces, barbecue, boilers, mufflers, brakes and collectors etc. For best and long term results, it is necessary that the painted parts are subjected to pre-baking temperature of at least 150°C; at a lower temperature, the hardening of the paint and adhesion to the surface can be compromised.

sprej   400 ml

Code  up to +600°C
400/1000 MATT BLACK EAN: 8595642501128
400/1005 ALLUMINIUM EAN: 8595642501203
400/1010 WHITE EAN: 8595642501234
400/1020 ANTHRACITE GREY EAN: 8595642501319
400/0915 OXIDE RED EAN: 8595642501258
Code  up to +300°C
400/0916 MATT RED EAN: 8595642501135
400/0917 GLOSS RED EAN: 8595642501142

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